Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Madison's Drawings...

Hi there.
     Thanks so much for coming over to see what my youngest has been drawing lately.  She got home from school tonight and decided that she just wanted to relax and draw for a little while. 
     Well, here you go.  this first one is one of that Madison came up with just by looking at her hand and wanting to practice making the hand look as real as she could.  It seems she enjoys using just the basic drawing pencils versus using colors.  :O) 
     While I was busy working on  my blog Madison then decided that she wanted to draw up this little lady.  I think it looks really cool, so I convinced her to take a couple of photos for us to share with you all here. 
     Hope you all have a great evening.  Thanks so much for stopping by to she what she has been up to. 
Hugs Lisa & Madison G